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Wagg Worker Chicken and Vegetables 16kg

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Complete with Chicken & Veg is a complete feed for working dogs. Body Condition Score This chart is intended to be used as a guide, if your dog does not fall into the 'ideal' range we suggest you consult your vet for further advice. 1. Emaciated Easily visible ribs, lower back and pelvic bones. No visible covering of fat, obvious waist and abdominal tuck. Absence of any muscle mass. 2. Thin Easily felt ribs, minimum covering of fat, waist easily noted when viewed from above and visible abdominal tuck. 3. Ideal Ribs felt but without excess fat covering, waist noted behind ribs when viewed from above. Abdomen tucked up when viewed from the side. 4. Overweight Ribs felt but with an excess covering of fat. Waist still observed from above but not as prominent. Abdominal tuck may be absent. 5. Obese Ribs not easily felt under a large covering of fat. Waist and abdominal tuck not discernible. Fat deposits on lower back and base of tail. May observe signs of obvious abdominal distension.
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