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Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls 48g

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Assorted Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Grape, Lime and Cherry fruit flavour candy with a crunchy sugar case and a sour soft centre. The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Smogg Dr. Igor Smogg is a wealthy industrialist who made his fortune in heavy manufacturing. But his methods are wasteful and produce lots of toxic by products, which he disposes of in environmentally irresponsible ways. His latest scheme is to pump massive amounts of toxic smog into the atmosphere from the smokestacks of his factory. Once airborne, the pollution will condense into particles of solid waste and rain down upon the unsuspecting countryside. Fortunately, Professor Sauernoggin is on the case Sauernoggin has dedicated his life to finding ways to transform toxic waste into good and useful products. One blast from his roof top "Smog o matic" ray gun and the cloud will rain down delicious sour candy balls... an outcome Dr. Smogg is less than pleased about
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