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British Expats is a resource for British expats around the world. Immigration and general discussion forums, articles, blogs, chat room, photo gallery and more - visit website

Easy Expat
Easy Expat - Help for expatriates on overseas moving and relocation abroad (Paris, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Montreal, New York, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Brussels, Geneva, Dubai, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin): accommodation, jobs, international schools, health - visit website

Expat Focus
Expat Focus - Global relocation advice for expatriates covering visas, residency, overseas employment, buying property abroad, international schools, offshore finance and more. Join our lively expat community today! Meet and learn from other expats in our forums, email discussion list and monthly newsletter. Get help finding overseas property, job opportunities abroad, international insurance cover and investment advice, including pensions and retirement planning - visit website

Expats are a free source of information for British expatriates, contracting or living overseas, almost a UK expats yellow pages, also with an overseas recruiter database, country information with links relevant to British expats (and any other English speaking ex-pats) Visit Website - visit website

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