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Persil 3 In 1 Non Biological Capsules 38 Capsules 1026g

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Persil 3in1 Non Bio Capsules are a smart and innovative solution for modern lifestyles. Alleviate the pressures of an increasingly fast-paced world with capsules that give brilliant cleaning performance wash after wash. Packed in 100% recyclable packaging, our smart non-bio washing capsules remove stains whilst being gentle next to sensitive skin. Wash Booster Technology in our laundry capsules gives stain removal and a fresh long-lasting fragrance, all while caring for the colours and fibres in your clothes for superior fabric care. Our non-biological washing capsules will leave the whole family with fresh, clean clothes time and time again. You’ll find enough Persil capsules in this pack for up to 38 washes - ideal for smaller households. Persil 3in1 capsules: efficiency, effectiveness and colour care are all prioritised when using these washing capsules for outstanding fabric cleaning. The capsules give you 1st time stain removal and proficient clothing care in one convenient pre-measured dose. Persil Capsules get to work quickly, dissolving in all temperatures. With improved resealable packaging Persil washing capsules are designed with the whole family in mind. For the ideal results, add Comfort fabric conditioner to the detergent drawer before washing as usual. Keep out of reach of children. Ingredients 15-30%:Anionicsurfactants, Nonionicsurfactants, Soap. <5%:Opticalbrighteners, Perfume, Phosphonates, Polycarboxylates Produce of UK Preparation and Usage If ever your capsule leaves a little residue on your clothes, simply rinse under warm water. Do not use a pre-wash. Do not overload machine. Store away from heat, moisture and sunlight. This product contains a bittering agent on its surface to help prevent accidental ingestion by children. Wash hands after handling capsule.
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