Marks & Spencer Traditional Condiments

I bet when you were a kid and went to visit relatives for a meal you were faced with a huge selection of condiments. It was considered polite to offer your guest a wide range of sauces to go with their meals. Although there are traditional combinations like mint sauce for lamb, the best hosts offered every condiment under the sun for you to choose from. If you are no longer living in the UK and sometimes miss the traditional classics, you will be delighted to hear that we have sourced the best Marks and Spencer sauces (excuse the pun). So no matter if you are living in California or Sydney, Lapland or South Africa you can still enjoy these treats by simply ordering from us. We have a vast UK based warehouse and can ship to you wherever you are in the world, all you have to do is pop your order in and let us take care of the rest. When it comes to M&S sauces, we think we have been the best hosts and have every base covered. There is a mint sauce, tartare sauce, and brambly apple sauce. For beef maybe you prefer horseradish and turkey, of course, requires cranberry. If you are looking for mustard, we can offer you hot English, wholegrain English or Dijon depending on your tastes. To finish the selection, there is a rip-roaring seafood sauce for prawns and other ocean treats and of course the staple salt and black peppercorns.