Marks & Spencer Sweets & Snacks

Kids really love sweets, we know this, and we understand that you like to be able to have all their favourites on hand. Maybe for an after school treat or just a special occasion, we can make sure you have what you need to be stashed in the cupboards. Our UK based warehouse is bursting at the seams with so many packets of sweets just waiting to wing their way to Italy, New York, Lisbon, or anywhere in the world. In this lineup, you will find the best of kids sweets from long-established retailer Marks and Spencer. We start the line up with those pink foam shrimps, but it doesn't stop there. We also have sour jelly beans and dolly mixtures, as well as their much-loved animal sweets. We, of course, mean that cheeky Colin the Caterpillar and popular Percy Pig. Colin comes in a range of choices from fruit gums to sours, and there are even veggie alternatives in lime, cherry and cola gummy sweets. Not to be outdone Percy also has a massive selection on offer too. There are classic Percy Pig bags in two sizes, 100g and 170g. They also come in a vegetarian option, or with his girlfriend Penny. There are also piglets, globetrotting Percy, Reversy Percy, Phizzy pig tails, and finally Percy's family mix. As you can see is a lot of sweetie choice, so we are confident that you will find what you need. Just pop in your order and let us do the rest.