Marks & Spencer Tea

A cup of tea fixes everything and is an icon representation of the great British public. We love our tea, and often going abroad means we just cannot get the taste we like anymore. We have been on a mission to pack our UK warehouse full of the best selection of Marks and Spencer tea that we could get our hands on. From here we can get you the perfect brew whether you are in Austria, Kansas or Hawaii. Our tea shelves are packed with every option under the sun! Use have Gold Tea, which is available in 80, 160 or loose leaf tea formats, and if you like a great builders tea we have extra strong which comes in all the same choices with the addition of a more extensive 240 pack option too. We have decaf, breakfast and city blends as well as M&S everyday tea bags. If that is not enough choice, we have also gathered some of the best exotic teas from Marks too. Pure Assam, Kenyan, and Ceylon are all available to order as is Redbush and Earl Grey. Want more? We have it! What about a cup of Empress Grey or Strawberry and Raspberry to share with friends. If you have trouble sleeping we have a Calming Infusion and for health and wellbeing some Organic Lemon, Ginger, and Ginseng. Camomile is good for relaxing, and Peppermint is excellent for after dinner digestion. Finally, we have Green and Jasmine to round off the show, and we are sure you will find plenty to choose from.