Marks & Spencer Extremely Chocolatey Biscuits

Who is a secret chocolate lover? Hands up, we promise we won't tell anyone! You are in good company because we really love chocolate and extremely chocolatey biscuits are a great way to enjoy your cocoa treat. So, being the good people we are, we have been and found the best in Marks and Spencer really chocolatey chocolate biscuits to keep your sweet tooth happy and give you an impressive taste of home whenever you need it. Whether you are curled up with a brew and a book or watching the tele in the mornings with a coffee, we have the best selection of chocolate biscuits - the only thing you will have to decide is will you dunk or not. First, of all we have Milk, Dark, and White in a 500g box or there is Milk, Milk, and more Milk for those who prefer. We have individually wrapped chocolate fingers in a pack of 6 or if you prefer a regular packet choose from Orange or Dark Chocolate. If you like ginger, we have dark chocolate ginger biscuits, as well as white chocolate and milk chocolate packs too. So if you are working in France, Germany or Milan, we can get the best of your favourite M&S biscuits winging their way to you as soon as possible. All you have to do is place your order and no matter where you are on this big old rock we call earth, we will dispatch your parcel to your door from right here in our UK warehouse.