Customer Information:

British Online Supermarket keeps limited stock. In most cases your order/part of your order will be shopped for by one of our personal shoppers. Please allow up to 10 working days for your personal shopper to gather your order from all the different suppliers that we use. However, this is normally quicker.

The war in Ukraine has affected supplies of sunflower oil. To allow food products made with sunflower oil to remain on sale, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) have advised producers can replace sunflower oil with other vegetable oils, such as refined rapeseed oil, without changing labels.The FSA/FSS have advised that allergic reactions to rapeseed oil are very rare. Labels are being updated as quickly as possible but some foods products which usually contain sunflower oil may instead contain refined rapeseed oil.

We work round the clock to keep our website up to date. However, we are reliant on our suppliers have the items in stock when you place your order. This can sometimes cause a short delay when processing your order while we wait for new stock to arrive.

If you are ordering a large quantity of one item then this could also cause a delay while we locate all the stock for your order.

We are currently finding that more orders going to European countries are getting stopped and held/delayed by customs. It is therefore really important that you check with your local customs for any restrictions before you place your order. Businesses will usually need to provide an EORI number. If your order is being sent to a business address, please include your EORI number when you place your order, as we have no way to check addresses before orders are shipped. Orders that are delayed/returned by customs or rejected by the customer cannot be refunded as food items cannot be placed back into stock and then resold to another customer. We have found that European import rules and restrictions can change at any time and are completely out of our control.

Please be sure to carefully read our terms and conditions page before placing your order as you will find it contains a lot of useful information.

If an item is unavailable you will receive a full refund if no replacement is available soon.