Latest News - COVID-19

First of all we hope you are safe and well.

As you will probably be aware we are now approaching a second wave of COVID19 here in the UK.

We are seeing a sharp increase in people wishing to shop for their groceries online with the addition of a lot of people buying in much larger quantities.

Orders are currently coming in at over three times the level they were for this time last year. Also enquiries by email, phone and social media are over five times greater than the same period last year.

In addition to this we are finding a sharp increase in attempted fraud with our business and staff being frequently threatened by people demanding orders are shipped with high risk payments or no payment at all.

As a business we have had to introduce social distancing measures to protect our staff and this has meant that we have had to reduce the number of staff in some areas also. This has put our staff under a lot of pressure.

The result of these changes has meant that orders are not being processed as quickly as we would like. We are also struggling to respond to all enquiries in a reasonable time.

Our suppliers have introduced restrictions on the amount of products we can buy at a time to try and reduce panic buying. However, this has also had an impact on the rate at which we can process orders.

At the moment we have had to limit the number of items that can be purchased to a maximum of three of the same item but there is no limit to overall number of different items that can be ordered.

Due to some products still being in short supply we may not be able to send every item that you order. However, if you would prefer substitutions please let us know and we will try our best to find an alternative. Any items that cannot be supplied or substituted will of course be refunded.

All international couriers and customs are struggling with the increase in parcel traffic at the moment and this could cause additional delays to delivery times.

Please be assured that we are processing all orders in the order that they are received and no order will be missed. We are shipping more orders daily than we ever have done before and with reduced staffing levels.

Your order will be processed and delivered to you, it will just take slightly longer than any of us would like.

If at any point you decide that you no longer want to wait for your order then please email us with your order number and the word “cancel” in the subject bar. We will then cancel and refund any order that has not already been shipped.

Thank you for your patience at this challenging time.