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Hilltop Honey Manuka Honey MGO 50+ 225g

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MGO 50+ Manuka Honey Here at Hilltop Honey we believe, there's more to honey. Each individual honey is unique in its own way - from the colour right down to the aroma notes and flavour. The flavours within each honey are unique and are solely down to the plant species those clever little bees collect nectar from. Hilltop Honey doesn't add any artificial flavourings; It's simply, pure and natural honey. Available in reusable glass jars and recyclable easy squeezy bottles, there really is a honey to indulge every palate. Pick up a jar, or bottle, from your local store and discover for yourself, there's more to honey. Our favourite little insects, bees, forage the Manuka bush, native to New Zealand, to bring you this dark, herbal, amber Manuka Honey. Hilltop Honey Manuka Honey is pure and natural, authentic, Manuka Honey. Carefully sourced from the best New Zealand beekeepers and tested, twice, to certify its authenticity. Hilltop Honey Manuka Honey is measured using the MGO rating. MGO stands for methylglyoxal; this is the naturally occurring compound that gives Manuka Honey it's special properties. Simply put, the higher the MGO rating on the front of the jar, the greater the anti-bacterial strength present within the honey. Available in a 225g jar. KLBD Approved. Honey may naturally crystallise. Founded in 2011, from a passion of beekeeping, young beekeeper, Scott Davies, created the buzz of Hilltop Honey. Through travel and exploration Scott quickly discovered, there's more to honey. Honey isn't just sweet and sticky. It's a whole world of adventure. From Acacia to Honeydew, Multiflower to Manuka; a tremendous taste discovery to really tantalise your taste buds. Years later we're still buzzing to show the world, there's more to honey. Tested for authenticity Suitable for vegetarians Kosher - KLBD Pack size: 225g Store at room temperature. Produce of New Zealand Crystallisation may occur if stored incorrectly. If this happens, place the jar in warm water. Pack contains approx 15 servings Caution: Unsuitable for infants under 12 months.
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