Cleaning is one of those jobs you either love or hate. For some people it is a form of therapy, for others, it is a necessary evil that just has to be done. Whether you think of it as fun or just a chore having the right cleaning products can make the task so much more comfortable. However, if you have moved to live and work in a different country, you might find it is harder to get your hands on the household cleaners you know and trust. Thankfully that is where we come in; we have created the British Online Supermarket specifically for those who have left the UK but still want their shopping delivered. It really doesn't matter where you are in the world, our team of UK based staff can get parcels to you. Whether you have moved to Bahrain, Dubai, Latvia or Japan, we can post to you, so all you have to do is order, pay and leave the rest to us. In the household cleaners, you will find lots of great products, from the 1001 household cleaner to Cillit Bang power spray. Cif offers a wide range of cleaners including their traditional lemon cream cleaner and their favourite antibacterial wipes. Flash is another big name, and they have many products for cleaning from bathroom gel to all-purpose cleaner and many others. Hob Brite is handy when you have a cooker to clean, and Lord Sheraton has a range of natural products to specially clean leather or wood. There indeed is plenty of choice with Mr Muscle, Oust, Oven Pride and Ozkleen completing the lineup.