Tinned fruit is a convenient thing to have in the store cupboard. It can make a significant quick and healthy dessert or be used in culinary creations such as fruit salads, trifles or even pineapple upside down cake. Getting hold of the ingredients you want can be tricky if you do not live in Britain any more and you can find yourself limited by local food choices which might not match up to your expectations. On this shelf, we have collected a range of tinned fruit from some very well know British suppliers. This means that whether you are in Saudi Arabia or Mexico, Pakistan or Texas, all you have to do is order and check out and we can ship your shopping around the globe to reach you wherever you may be. It really is that easy! Our team of UK based staff are just waiting to pick and pack your goodies and get them out into the international postal system. When it comes to tinned fruit, we have selected the best from Del Monte, including fruit cocktail both in juice or syrup and in different size cans. There are pineapple slices that also come with juice or syrup options and sized to make sure you have just the amount you need. There is apricot, pear and peach in slices or halves, and some orange segments too. Princes have a good selection on offer with all the usual favourites, and Tesco has a wide range of tinned fruit from grapefruit to breakfast apricot so you can serve up a morning feast.