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If you want British quality guaranteed, you can't go wrong with these famous British brand tinned foods. Is your meal incomplete without those tinned vegetables from Green Giant? Maybe you miss those great British soups such as Heinz cream of tomato soup or Baxters thick delicious Scottish soups? Sometimes, you just want food out of a tin. That's completely understandable, but if you're halfway across the world, favourite brands like Heinz, Tesco or Branston can be hard to get access to. Without those kinds of names providing you with things like Heinz baked beans, you may find that it is difficult to get access to the comforts of living in the UK. There are so many different tinned foods that people enjoy. You could enjoy tinned fruit from Del Monte, meat-based dishes from Fray Bentos, Princes or even Stagg. John West and Princes have always made a delicious selection of fish based produce, and Heinz has also dabbled in soups such as the classic tomato flavour. Of course, those people who are looking for a slightly healthier option could always go for something like tinned vegetables from companies like Bachelors or Chesswood, Farrow and Green Giant, Harry Ramsden, Heinz or even Foresight Pease Pudding. Whatever your preference for tinned foods, being unable to get them because of distance is something which no one should have to put up with. That's why we try and ensure that we can deliver to you regardless of whether or not you're in the UK. It doesn't matter where you find yourself in the world, whether it is Germany or Russia. Having access to these kinds of things will help to bring a sense of familiarity and a taste of the old comforts of home, and is something which everyone should have access to them. Alternatively, Heinz beans on toast may be what you're craving? We stock a huge range of British tinned foods from many famous brands, just check out our range above. If you can't find what you're looking for then let us know and we will do our best to find it for you and have it added to our online store.