Sugar & Sweeteners

Sugar and sweeteners have such a wide range of uses it is no wonder they are so popular. From cooking and baking to sweetening our beverages and sprinkling on our cereal in the mornings, we just love sugar and sweet things. When you live and work in a different country is can sometimes be hard to get the products you are used to. Each country has its own way of doing things, and sometimes the choices they offer are excellent enough but do not match what you grew up with and really love. That is one of the main reasons we set up our wonderful shop. We don't think you should have to miss out when you move away, so we decided to collect all your favourite items and offer to ship them out to you wherever you might be. Our shipping service literally covers the whole globe, so it really doesn't matter which continent you are on or what country you now live in, we can find you!. From France to Italy, North America to Australia, all you have to do is place your order and let our staff do the rest. On the sugar and sweetener shelf, you will find much-loved brands, like sugar from Silver Spoon and Tate and Lyle, and a range of types from caster sugar to Demerara and everything in between. There are also offering from Billingtons and Whitworths to complete the lineup. If you are looking for the sweetener alternative, we have Canderal, Hermesatas, Silver Spoon, Splenda and Sweetex, so you get the maximum choice possible.