Paddington Bear loved marmalade sandwiches and to be honest we think he might have been onto something. Marmalade on toast or in sandwiches is rather delicious, and there are so many yummy brands to choose from. We have stocked our marmalade shelf with some of the best names around so that you have the best choice possible, where you are making breakfast for yourself or packing a lunch for a furry visitor! Bonne Maman has an excellent selection of bitter orange, fine shred, lemon or course orange thick shred, while Duerr's offer the traditional fine or thick cut. Frank Coopers is a popular choice, and you can choose from fine, original or vintage Oxford marmalade. How about making your own with a helping hand from Roberstons MaMade, requires a little bit of culinary flair but is a great way to give friends and family a handmade present, just remember to save yourself a jar or two. With a wide range of choices from Mackays, Roberstons, Hartleys and Rose's we have made sure you have an extensive selection. For those needed to watch the sugar intake we also have Streamline less sugar versions. Finally, we have Sainsbury and Tesco - who knew there was so much marmalade choice!. So, if you are not based in the UK, but live anywhere in the world from South Africa to South America, we can get your favourite brands out to you from right here in our UK warehouse - just pop your order in, and we will do the rest.