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Crisps & Snacks

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Crisps and snacks come in all shapes, sizes, types and tastes. At British Online Supermarket we’ve got a massive variety of potato based treats such as crispbreads, crackers, oatcakes, popcorn and pork scratchings, all ready to be delivered worldwide. The vast selections include Walkers multi-packs, Wotsis, Quavers, Squares, Doritos and Doritos dips. We have the old favourites Monster Munch, Discos, French Fries and Hula Hoops. Purveyors of the ‘sliced spud in a packet’ include McCoy’s, Golden Wonder, KP, Kettle, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. We have crispbreads, crackers and oatcakes by Carr’s, Doria, Dr Karg, Finn Crisp, Marmite, McVitie’s, Milton’s, Nairn’s, Quaker, Ritz and Ryvita. We deliver to France, Spain, Norway, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and many more destinations around the world. So if you’re a British Expat or just love a good old British snack, you can order from British Online Supermarket today. Also available is Butterkist popcorn, Mr Porky scratchings and even the unique looking wheat-based Jacobs Twiglets.