Chocolate Bars

There are going to be days that just have to end with chocolate! Whether you stub your toe on the door frame or just have a bad day in the office, the only way to finish the day is with a cuppa on the sofa and some Cadbury Dairy Milk if you like it light, or maybe Galaxy if you prefer it smooth. Allowing yourself a chocolate treat is the perfect way to unwind and recover and of course feel totally guilty about the calories - but hey, it is totally worth it! Just choose your favourite sweet treat and we will send it winging across the skies from the UK to China or Australia and frankly anywhere in between. Chocolate bars have a magical way of bringing back memories of a carefree childhood, remember that wanting to be the Milky Bar kid or pretending that Toblerone pieces were mini pyramids? Nothing beats a bit of comfort food for making you feel warm inside, so bring some traditional UK loveliness to your Spanish home. If you prefer a more grown-up chocolate experience, it may be time to reach for the proper chocolate - with over 70% cocoa, Green and Black's Dark Chocolate is decadently extravagant and probably only for the grown-ups! We have lots of other classics like Lindt, Tesco and Sainsbury's, so even when you are living it up in Turkey, you can still feel like you are connected to the familiar tastes that you grew up loving.