Christmas Dinner

There is something magical about being the host of Christmas Day dinner, sure there is a lot of work involved but seeing your friends and loved ones gathered for a meal is fabulous. If you are far from home this year but still want a traditional British turkey roast with all the trimmings, then we have a vast range of classic items to get you well on your way. For the main course you are going to need Goose fat for the perfect roasties and we have a selection from Tesco and Sainsbury to get you started. The potatoes and other veg can be seasoned to perfection with Marks and Spencer seasonings. Then, there is the vitally important stuffing selection process and what a range we have for you! From supermarket classics to Jamie Oliver, Paxo and Aunt Bessie's and even a gluten-free offering from Mrs Crimble for those with food intolerances. Gravy is in plentiful supply with Bisto, who have every flavour including one for those who don't eat meat. If you can face tea on Christmas Day, the cold platter is traditional, but some prefere to save it for Boxing Day. In any case, you will want to stock up on pickles and condiments, and we have a massive range here in the UK just waiting to wing their way to you in China, Rome or Berlin. Haywards and Heinz all offer classic favourites, with Mrs Elswood, Garners, Colmans, Ocean Spray, Baxters and Opies all adding to the magic.