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Cadbury Delights Soft Nougat Hazelnut 5x22g

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Milk chocolate with soft hazelnut flavour nougat (45 %) and rice crisp (3.5 %) centre and a layer of caramel (21 %). Say 'Yes!' to Cadbury delights, a range of delightfully yummy bars, each with 91 calories. Bite through a generous layer of the Cadbury milk chocolate you know and love, to discover a ribbon of oozing salted caramel over a bed of soft nougat, for a light-hearted moment of delight when you need it. 91 Kcal Calories. 100% Sustainably Sourced Cocoa. Soft Hazelnut Flavour Nougat & Caramel Encased in a Generous Layer of Cadbury Milk Chocolate. Open Up for a Delightfully Yummy Treat. High in Fibre. Suitable for vegetarians.
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